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Originally Posted by xVengeancex28 View Post
great story!, congrats and good luck with your new ride!
Thank you!
Originally Posted by colemanvoice View Post
Hey hightower,

I don't have time to read your whole story right now, but welcome and congrats. Since you're in the ATL area, I thought I would pass on will take you to an Atlanta camaro5 club located on the camaro5 site. Your welcome to check us out and hang with us whenever you're availabe.

Have a good time at school, do well, and take care of that car.

No problem at all, just read it if you get a chance. I joined the club and I'd be happy to meet up sometime. I look forward to it. Thanks for the reference and kind words.

Originally Posted by BlueDragonVT View Post
Congrats, brother, and welcome to the club. Now take care of that beast, and she will take care of you.
Thanks for the welcome. It's a beast indeed, and I need to find her a name!

Originally Posted by Beck View Post
Congratulations. That's a great car and a great story to go with it.
Thank you, I couldn't agree more.

Originally Posted by Solocus View Post
Great Story and car!
Thanks! Nice 45th you have there as well! Cool delivery date too!
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