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it looks like a regular camaro without stripes.

FWIW, everyone that has seen my car has first complimented on the stripes, then usually the rims next. these are mostly people that know nothing about camaros. so i'd have to say the stripe design was very successful by GM. i personally love them.

Originally Posted by Im_Fly_Like_A_V6 View Post
45AE owners... Ive asked this in other threads...but i wanna hear from u ... How long after washing ur car does It begin to show dirt?? I would assume the glitter effect of the CFM hides dirt alot better than my glossy black... I wash my car and it literally shows brown dirt particles within 30min
i am very particular about my car's cleanliness, and i mean very particular. so far i think the car actually looks good dirty. i know that sounds weird, but the dirt seems to blend in with the CFM so that it just looks a little duller, but not necessarily filthy like black will after it accumulates a little dust/dirt.

i was really scared of a dark colored car, but have to admit this color is very versatile so far.
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