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Originally Posted by Cajun8 View Post
Does invoice price include destination and advertising fees?
No, those prices are separate from the actual invoice price. You can find the vehicle invoice price as the left column besides the words "TOTAL MODEL & OPTIONS." The comprehensive invoice, including destination, is the left item beside the word "TOTAL."

Originally Posted by bumblebabe View Post
this is a phenomenal post btw. thanks for this!
Originally Posted by redhotcandy View Post
Great information...thanks for this post!
Originally Posted by snizzle View Post
Thanks for your time on this. Great read.
I'm glad that this was helpful. I should point out that this post is not designed to make dealers the bad guys. While I'm not a fan of old-school car sales strategy, I am a fan of quality customer service. Camaro5's dealers remain on this site because our members have a good relationship with them, and they continue to participate in this community in a positive way by both following site rules and helping Camaro5 members when they can.

Originally Posted by VoodooVyper View Post
I got a copy of my invoice from my sales rep but it's missing the bottom section starting with "This motor vehicle..." and down. I went in there saying I wanted to pay invoice for the car, and we agreed to do invoice + $100. He gave me the invoice and he said I'm paying the price listed next to "Prefer" which is $28,809. The invoice price appears to be $28,908. However, with your example above, the preferred pricing is significantly higher than the invoice price. Did I get this car for what the dealer promised me?
You'd have to see the invoice sheet to be sure. Usually, GM Preferred Pricing is very close to invoice, but it really depends on the equipment on the vehicle. Just because you didn't see this sheet does not mean that you got a bad deal. GM Preferred Pricing is a great deal, and you can see that there isn't a huge amount of room for dealers to make money off of you as long as you beat invoice. I would just make sure that you see an invoice next time to be more confident that you got the deal promised.

Also, you might not have seen the bottom part of the invoice because the dealer located the vehicle elsewhere. Locates are a common practice when the exact vehicle you want is not available, which is almost every time the vehicle is not ordered. It saves time, and it gets lot inventory into the hands of buyers. Locates are more expensive and time-consuming for dealers than selling off the lot or ordering, but it allows your salesperson to get the sale out of the way now. A salesperson would rather sell the car now than wait for something to possibly go wrong with the deal later. Even if you do end up buying the car on paper, there is room for problems with the financing or other issues, so salespeople are much more inclined to try this method than waiting for you to buy later. It also eliminates the risk that you will buy elsewhere.

The bottom of every invoice indicates the dealer holding the car. If the vehicle belongs to another dealer, do you think a dealer is going to tell you who has it? You might just make a trip over there and buy a car. They want you to stay put so that they get the sale on the books.
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