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How do you like your BMR LCAs?
Did you add eccentrics alignment bolts after or before?

I'm lowered on XAs as well but instead of eccentrics alignment bolts I'm waiting for the BMR adjustable LCAs. Though I have been thinking about the pre-shortened LCAs you have because I doubt I would raise the car back up. There is the desire for the option of 22"s, but not sure I would need to raise the car to fit them.

I have to do something because I'm so low on my XAs that I cant get the rear camber to 0. Meaning I'm riding on the inner half of the rear tires until i get new LCAs or the
eccentric alignment bolts which I doubt will give me all the camber I'm looking for.... hense the decision Shortened BMR LCAs or wait for Adjustable BMR LCAs?
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