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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
You can't take any one review as being 100% fact. It's just his opinion. We do know that the Auto is faster than the manual it's just his "butt dyno" that thinks the manual is faster. To me it always feels like manual cars are faster, even if they aren't. Don't let one person's opinion sway you. Now if every review said the auto sucked (which is far from the case) then the situation would be totally different. I think almost every review has said something that goes directly against what a lot of the other reviews have said.

Well it's more than just some random dude. He does write for a legit website/blog. Blogs are here to stay. A few years ago people would've said the same things about Jalopnik and Autoblog but now they're considered reputable sources.
As the difference between manual and Auto in short auto i dont feel like i have full controll but manuel i feel like i have full controll of the vehicle as though the car is part of me like i am the missing ingredient to the equation.......
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