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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
Car is up and running now; we were road testing until around 730 last night and its pretty good for a base tune. There is some surging at idle that will get fixed as well as some knock. The car's fuel pump controller is hard wired for now and we need to get another module for the fuel system that reads the tach so it knows when to switch to a heavy duty cycle.

I cant think of the name off the top of my head but the black fitting makes sure that equal amounts of fuel get to both fuel rails instead of more going to the passenger side.

I'm uploading a couple vids of last night and should have them up in a few.
I am using a Hobbs switch so it can switch the other pumps on as boost comes in. The rpm's will be different depending on the gear even if you are not in boost.

How come you tranny lines are not black but stainless steel braided? Is it because they sent you he wrong ones.

They sent me the ones for a 6M so I had to cut and modify the stock lines because of the A6.

When you remember the name of the Black fitting let me know I can install it later to be safe.
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