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About 6 years later, at the age of 14, I recall my dad picking me up after my round of golf in the Flint Junior Golf Program. He showed up in a white 1976 Rally Sport Camaro. “Cool” I remember thinking when I realized it was my dad driving the car. We headed home, but we took a distinctly different route. We got just a bit outside of town and got on a dirt road and my dad pulled over. “Your turn”, he said. Holy #$%^&*!!!! I get to drive!!!! So first you have to understand that at this point I’ve never driven a car other than the “sit on your dad’s lap when you are a kid” kind of driving. And second, this car is a manual. So my dad gives me the instructions on letting the clutch out slowly, feeling the engagement point and simultaneously giving her some throttle. So a few false starts and then we’re off and I’m bombing down this old dirt road. So after a short while, my dad calmly asks, “So, how fast are you going?” “I don’t know”, I replied. “Maybe you should look”, he says. “60”, I report. “Might want to slow down a bit”, was his response. Then we come up to a stop sign. And my happy little dirt road is now cut down the middle by a 4 lane divided highway. “What do I do now?” I ask in pure panic. “Just let out the clutch and give her some gas”, was the answer. So I did. All I remember was burning rubber all the way across to my next section of dirt road heaven. Accidental at the time, and certainly an event I would later duplicate with pure malice and forethought later in my driving life, but that was my first burn out.
I remember this story.

Glad to have you here Number 3. Like I've said before, you've given me an experience I'll never forget.

Employees like you are the reason I desperately hope GM pulls out of this mess alive.
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