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Thank God For Member: bjschubert And His IOM SS/RS Pics!

I just want to thank bjschubert personally for taking those amazing photos of the Inferno Orange Metallic with Cyber Gray Rally Stripes! They were breath taking and after seenig them it is clear to me now that I must order this color combo, pretty much the same exact car in the pics except no sunroof, I love the reverse mohawk, and polished wheels for me!

When the Camaro first came out as a concept I prayed for an Orange not even a year later we were graced with the Hugger Orange Convertible. But, last summer when the colors were released and Hugger Orange wasn't there I was so mad that Irefused to buy an Orange Camaro till they brought the Hugger Orange back, until I saw these pics! And, I'm gonig to see IOM in person on Thurs. NY Auto Show! I can't wait. It has been a very stressful process for me and as most of you know I've switched my color about 4-5 times now. But, it seems now I have found my color! Hopefully! Otherwise my wife is gonig to kill me!

So, again bjschubert thanks for those amazing pics they made a difference afterall!
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