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I belive ADM Performace posted 1900-2300 for a cam install/tune, which I believed included the cam, valve springs and retainers, and labor. And like pharmd said, about $2000 for good heads, $1000 for intake. But don't forget the Cold Air Intake (CAI), which is going to be around $400, and you're going to need an exhaust to match that H/C/I ($2000 for headers/catback).

ADM showed one of their dyno graphs for an LS3, stock displacement, with their heads and cam, and headers of some sort that put down 515 rwhp. So really, if you wanted to save a grand and give up about 10-15 rwhp (the LSXr only gained 14 peak hp at the MOTOR in testing, though gains would be bigger with a cammed engine), I'd say don't worry about that intake, just stay stock.

So total:
$2300 cam installed/tune
$2500 for heads/install (total guess - 2000 heads, 500 install assuming the same shop does this that does your cam)
$2000 headers/catback (assuming self install)
$400 CAI (also self installed)
$7200 for 515 rwhp, or about 150 more than stock. Obviously you could save an easy 1500 if you do it all yourself. And 2000 if you stay with stock heads. Many people have put down around 500 rwhp with stock heads.

Boy did this thread get off topic! Sorry!
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