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Originally Posted by gearhead440 View Post
I running an E-Force with exhaust manifolds and stock front cats with the rear cats removed. Has anyone encountered problems with the stock cats and FI? Considering the vast majority of people are using LT headers and Hi Flow cats, I would hazard a guess that the stock cats probably have not come into question yet.
Yes, they have caused failure on a procharged G8... Different body... same car. Blew out one of the cylinders from blowback and heat buildup.

Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Not cool. Shouldn't the HF cats hold up regardless? Could this be busting motors from blowback into cylinders smashing valves against pistons?
Yes, I personally know someone it happened to. Built G8, stock manifolds/cats. Wanted a sleeper... Car blew engine...
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