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Originally Posted by TT C6 View Post
Front Mount Turbos are the most efficient and best performing. Their boost delivery is NOT RPM dependent.
BUT, they are significantly more complicated and expensive than a belt driven supercharger.
ECS has perected centri systems and deliver low end power, But, the TVS 2300 from the ZR1 seems like a no-brainer for a Camaro/G8 that sees track time.

If you want to best, and you have the money, go twins.
I highly recommend reaching out to Turbo Technologies in Washington state if you want a twin turbo for your Camaro or G8. The TTi-X system is the best TT available for the Corvette. I don't even want to discuss the shady characters at APS and their history. (Dave Inall)
Yeah, thats kinda how I was thinking. It seems like doing all kinds of mods to the engine itself with new heads and all that is a little risky. Putting down a little extra change for the TT, a system that is mostly dependent of the engine is a safer, more reliable way to go.

But shady characters??? Who gives about their personal life and such. They make a good product and I want it.

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