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Originally Posted by Maxspeed View Post
I don't want these two to fight because I know my Camaro will loose. What can I put between my kids bikes to protect my car if they fall over? I know a simple solution would be a shed, but in my situation that won't work. My kids would have to pass through 2 gates to get to the shed in the back yard. We have a fenced in yard for a pool and we let the dog out free. I just know one of them would forget to close the gate and Max would be free to roam! Notice I put duct tape on the ground. They are not allowed to put their bikes closer than that line. I thought of using 28" cones but the handle bars would still hit the car if the fell into the cones. I told them to be very careful and to give them an idea I told them that if the house was on fire I would move Priness out of the garage then go wake them up!
I don't like anything near mine, but I really don't have a choice since coming here. But before, even an earthquake wouldn't have done sh*t...unless the garage collasped.
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