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1968 Camaro Thread?

Originally Posted by Tran View Post
Think your Camaro has what it takes to be a Camaro-of-the-Week (a feature on our HOMEPAGE)?

If your car hasn't previously been selected, please respond to this thread with a link to your best build/photos thread on the forum. It will then be considered for COTW. If it's not selected at some point, please do not feel bad, as we think every Camaro is special and awesome And, we definitely enjoyed viewing your thread.

Here's a rough guideline for type of thread/build we're more likely to select:

- contains plenty of photos (especially up-to-date pics)
- contains specs and details regarding the build process, modifications, and power figures
- contains any other personal thoughts or story behind the car and its build
I realize this website is called, but is allowed to create a build thread for an older Camaro? I would like to think I can make both the 2010 and the 1968 come together. Please advise. Thanks...
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