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Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
TSP should NOT be considered budget headers. TSP know what they're doing from everything from heads to cams, and it's the same story with their headers.

I would stay away from OBX though. They're actually Chinese made and I've been told that they don't have the best fit. Of course I could be wrong since I've never actually bought a set. Anyway, TSP come from an amazing shop. Also, Big Flow headers are another pretty good alternative for those seeking to save a few bucks.
Stay away from OBX because they are made in China and "you've been told" they don't have the best fit? Yet you admit you have no experience with them? Do these people who told you have first had experience? Or were "they told" as well?

You do know TSP headers are also "actually Chinese made" as well?

I searched everywhere for a problem with OBX 2010+ Camaro headers on this site.....could not find an issue. One thing that was consistent was that people who had them loved them. Of course there were those who hated them because they were made in China. Therefore, I bought them new for $650 (shipping included, with HF cats..... $450 without cats) From personal experience, mine fit like a glove. They went on in a couple myself in my garage. Absolutely no issues.

With the money I saved, I bought a JRE tune. A buddy of mine and I both have the exact same mods....CAI intake, exhaust, 1 7/8 headers, M6......however, he has a popular American made header and had it dyno tuned by a local tuner (410 rwhp). We are both making the same power...... We both trap 111 mph at the CA Speedway.

To the OP do some research and speak with or PM those with personal experience with the headers you are interested in.

If you don't want headers made in China, stay away from OBX, TSP budget headers, and the new SW budget headers.

Vid (only brought the rpms up to 4k):

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