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Originally Posted by TT C6 View Post
I don't give a shit about their personal lives.

I'm talking about one of the principles of APS (Dave Inall) taking $100,000 in $1,000 deposits from private Camaro owners in good faith to deliver them a TT system and then taking their money and fleeing to Australia without delivering the systems.
Do you still think it's a good idea to give APS any more money ?????

George and his company Turbo Technologies both have phenomenal reputations and they deliver a proven product. Their TTi-X system is considered the premier twin turbo system in the C5/C6 community.
Not to mention, the are an AMERICAN company based in Washington state.
I will NEVER give my money to a tuner who has robbed fellow enthusiasts.
If you do, you're a fool.
A fool you'd be indeed. Turbo Technologies huh? I'll give'm a look. Thanks for the info.

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