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Originally Posted by Riderover40 View Post just say if.......say if GM managed to get the complete package 100% flawless, which can never happen due to human nature to be subjective, opinionated, personal, pickey.....just down right finicky!.... would we be happy with the Camaro as it is??? You all know the answer is no. Everybody wants something that just isn't due to the right reasons. I think GM has explained why the ABL was not completely wrapped around the dash! If our beloved engineers, designers, testers, QA, and final users worked to get her perfect we would all be waiting even still! Waiting to hear of a final release date.

Common people, give it a break.Let's be happy that one of the only items we can pick on is not one of the best power delivery plants out there for the Money !!! I am so happy to have a shot at owning one of these babies!!!!

:chev y:

I think everybody (until now) has let the ABL go now that we know what
were getting. For the most part the ABL threads have been gone.

Wait a minute, I know whats going on, stirring the pot a little arent ya.
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