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Originally Posted by TungstenGT View Post
I was just wondering since I didn't see any mention of the Ashen gray on this thread, and the Chevy site doesn't list CGM as an option. Just curious, since I think I will go with the dark gray when I buy my Camaro in January. I had originally wanted Black, but that color is almost impossible to keep clean.
The last CGMs where built in May...the color was discontinued due to the lack of a specific component (xirallic) from the earthquake in Japan destroying the only chemical plant in the world that made it.

Ashen Gray Metallic was announced as the replacement in September and the first orders were taken October 20th and are just now being delivered.

Originally Posted by Baldman View Post
Well I think the reason there's no mention of Ashen Grey is because it's a new color and probably they're hitting the dealers now. Since you're not going to be getting your Camaro till January, I'd wait till they hit the dealers or someone makes a new thread with pictures of their new Ashen Grey Camaros.
I have an Ashen Gray Metallic that just got unloaded from the train the other day and is waiting on a truck to get to my dealer. Hopefully by the end of the week I should have it.

Ashen Gray has a Gold flake in it where Cyber Gray has a Blue flake in it and yes, as mentioned earlier, Ashen Gray is supposedly a shade darker.

As soon as I have pics, I'll post them here and hopefully find a local CGM to do some side by side pics.
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