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Originally Posted by SubSolar View Post

Seems like there is a huge difference in trap speed between the LS3 and L99 (111.0 mph vs. 107.5). There is only a 1.7 mph diff between the auto and stick versions of the V6. Is this a fluke or is the automatic and L99 reduced redline that much big of a drag on top end? Seems like if I remember correctly, past F-Bodies only had maybe a 2 mph difference in trap speed.
Don't forget the hp difference, it's pretty big. That alone is ~2.5 mph. And then the weight (50lbs) is another ~.5 mph. Normally a conventional 4 spd auto would result in another 2-3 mph slower, but the 6 speed auto is geared pretty aggressively so it get's some of the mph back.
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