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Question Camaro VS 370Z

Ok i got around to looking at the 370Z forums, and although i don't mind the Z. It did nothing but make me Laugh. Cause almost every single one of them that Dissed on the Camaro, there only excuse for it was. "Its not a track worthy sports car."

I Don't know about you guys, but even though i'm probably going to take my Camaro to the track once. How many average Joe people that bought the 370Z And Camaro are bying it for the track, and not for the looks and personality? The 370Z Might be alittle more Track worthy, but you just can't get the "Shock and Awww." out of it that you will the Camaro. In my opinion.

I would have considered down grading to the 370Z If it would have just Smoked the Camaro in a Drag, but by the Books and by tests. It doesn't look like its going too.

I would like some opinions from Camaro and Z owners if you would be so kind.

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