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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
IMO its over-all styling that sells...not hp or performance...all the camaros, whether v6, v8, convert, ss, non ss, or whatever....congratulations to all who chose a camaro, regardless of model...but remember if it wasn't for the great new dodges and mustangs...we probably wouldn't have these camaros!
this is correct! at least for the last 2 years or so! much as i want to think the styling will continue to sell the car,i gotta tell ya,i really don't believe that!
it sucks,but what we are up against is f**ked up gas prices that are headed north again. i'm seein' the camaro showin' up on dealers lots in numbers!
people have had their fun,and quite a few want out now that gas is about to take off again,and blow $4.00 a gallon out of the water!..god i wish i wasn't right!..i was hopin' gas prices would stabilize,but i ain't seein' that!..goin' forward,guys will be makin' tough gas cards are gettin' out of control now,but i'm holdin' on,and i hump the six!..just sayin'
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