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Originally Posted by 9sk View Post
GM is working on a 5.5 OHC V8. I imagine that will be in the new Z28. and a larger S/C version of that (detuned from the Corvette) will be in the newer ZL1s.

OHC is a different animal that pushrod. and GM seems to be giving development that time it needs to have the right power, while being the most reliable, and having the least complexity possible.
What is this 5.5L OHC V8 you refer to? The only 5.5 I'm aware of that is remotely related to Chevrolet is the race version in the Corvette and that is only 5.5 due to the racing series restrictions. There have been many people saying that a 5.5 will make an appearence in the new 5th gen. of SBCs, there have been strong denials from many others that the 5.5 is a race version only and will not be a standard displacement in the new SBCs.
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