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LTW Camaro

I like what I read about the new Camaro and I am on a list to look at one when it hits my local dealer. My intended use for the car is for road courses, not racing more like time trials, schools, and occasional street use. Has there been any talk about a light weight version? While the weight on the spec sheets is OK for the street I would like to have one in the 3,300 or 3,400 Lb range without needing to replace seats... right after I buy it.

I have not seen if the car can be gotten with a limited slip or what the ratio will be. Any word here about that?

Also can a manual be had without the 1 to 4 skip shift like in the Corvette?

This is the first new model anyone has come out with in a long time that might fit my unique requirements and that I am really excited about.

My current fun/track car is a 1995 BMW M3 and I have used it for many years not because I could not replace it but because it fit my needs better than anything coming out and I was not happy with the looks of stuff I saw. The new Camaro could have me starting a new project and moving away from the M3 as my primary fun car. And for me that is saying allot of good about the Camaro.

Thank you in advance for any info.

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