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Originally Posted by PitchBlack View Post
Exactly what happens to me. If the engine question does come up, I explain to them that its rated over 320 hp and they want to know more about it rather than put it down.
exactly the opposite of what happens to me. every one that knows i own a camaro, first thing they ask is is it a V8? when i say no, they always look disappointed. next questions is is it a manual?

well i used to be soooo angry when this happened. up until the point when i realized that most of the young ppl were the ones asking the V8 questions. most older ppl will just look at the car and admire how good it looks even thou its not a V8.

Finally to me, it does has plenty of power. i used to own a 09 mits Lancer which didnt even have half of this power. I love my V6 camaro. looks great and even thou at moments i wish i had a V8, at the end of the day, all that matter is that i owe a Camaro.
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