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Originally Posted by Camaro007 View Post
Sorry if this was posted before, but don't know alot about either aftermarket exhaust or electric cutoffs and don't want to spend extra money when its not need, but want my 2SS to sound mean and load, but also have the ability to have a more quiet sound when I'm around home. So my question is:
1. Do i need to upgrade the exhaust to have it sound mean with the electric cutoffs?
2. With the electric cutoffs closed I should have the stock exhaust sound with no upgrade?
3. If i do both the upgrade exhaust will the basis sound be load and when I open the cutoffs it should sound loader?
4. Either way with or without the upgraded exhaust the cutoffs will sound the same (load and mean)?
5. Which is the better aftemarket exhaust Corsa or Borsa?
6. Which brand are reliable electric cutoffs?

Thanks in advance for information to help me.
I'll Try...

1. No
2. Yes
3. try reading this thread

Hope that answers most of your ?'s
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