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First COPO Camaro Drag Runs!!!!!

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

by: Paul Huizenga

We’re told that the first hit off the trailer was a 9.90 at 138 MPH, with several subsequent passes in the 9.70′s. The best run was a 9.69 at 140, with 60 foot times in the low 1.40′s. You can tell from the video that they’re launching soft, just off of idle – appropriate for the first time out in a brand new car.

Tonight, the team is swapping out the 2.9l-blown 327 and replacing it with the naturally aspirated 427 LSX engine, and changing rear gears. We hope to have numbers for that combination tomorrow, and we’ve been promised a professionally produced video with in-car footage by the end of the week, along with interviews of the team members.

Remember, at this point the COPO is still just a concept – to make it a reality, you’ll need to help out by going to and getting on the COPO Camaro mailing list to show you’re interested…

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