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QUOTE=calbert1999;4128342]Get forged crank, pistons and solid stainless intake and exhaust valves. Lot's of dead boosted LS3's around lately.[/QUOTE]

Done all that....Nothing but the good stuff !

I am a blower motor addict and have personally experienced the Wrath of too much boost on several occasions. This will be my 3rd Blown LS3 and so far so good, although I am stepping it up on the boost so Forged Guts is a must !

Although, I have two Blown 2010's one with almost 30,000 miles that has had the blower on it since i brought it home from the dealer and all I have broken is axles and Trans output shaft. All covered on Warranty.( 8lbs Boost 570 rwhp, 652 at crank))

I have also set up Three others with the same a convertible. Again nothing broken there yet either, except axles and tranny's. Need a good tune, good gas, and fuel system and all is good.

Just got to know when to stop boosting. I am pushing it, but if she goes, its back to TurnKey...or someone else if my motor doesn't come soon!


This is my package only adding TVS2300 instead of Ken Belle only for hood clearance reasons.

Turn Key has many Hi performance supercharged engine packages all solid....just need to get mine !

Still waiting

2010 SS/RS LS3, 21" Rims, SLP lowering Kit & sway bars, TVS2300, Hennesy CAI, Kooks LT Headrers & Cats, Corsa Exhaust, RIP Shift ST shifter, SLP Hood & Spoiler, Slp Black out package - Grill SS & Rear SS Emblems, ADM Dual Fuel Pump , 3.6 upper Pulley, 10% overdriven Innovators West Crank Pulley& Pin Kit.

.................................................. ..............................

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