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Originally Posted by Ferrarimk13 View Post
when you say pricey, how pricey would turbos go for? I was thinking if i ever get one, that a turbo would be a good upgrade to eventually get (if its out that is)
Usually anywhere from 3500 - 4500 for some cars . Depends on size of turbo and how many extra parts they will need to make it work.

If anyone knows something about turbos, rear mounted turbos are junk. I made a thread about Forced induction already but seems the word "turbo" is more recognized.

Rear mounted turbos create twice the amount of time to build boost and you experience a lot of turbo LAG ... The bigger the displacement the less you will be able to notice it but if I end up with the v6 I will just make my own moutning system. I hate rear mounted turbos .. The closer the turbo sits to the exhaust manifold the quicker you build boost and less chances for boost leaks .. Imagine turning on a garden hose that is 100 ft vs 50 ft .. what hose will have water coming out first ? The answer is obvious .
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