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Originally Posted by hightower View Post
I don't have many chips yet but bugs can be a pain to get off. I kinda wish I had gotten one, but I've already got 2,000 miles on the clock so it seems kinda late. Plus I got quoted $250+ to purchase and install one, and I'd rather save that money for tint and mods.
Speaking of mods, I just purchased an LMR CAI from a forum member, we'll see how that goes.
if you have chips now at 2,000 miles, just think that they will doubled at 4,000, quadrupled at 8,000, so on and so forth...i would get one now!

don't install yourself. these are very tricky to install and that film is expensive to screw up! i paid $750 for my bumper, rear mirrors, and gills.
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