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Originally Posted by Im_Fly_Like_A_V6 View Post
Ive asked this 100s of times on here lol.... But only get one answer at a time... Lol i need multiple answers! But 45th owners how soon after you wash ur car does ur car begin to show dirt? Correct me if im wrong but i assume the flas metallic hides dirt particles well?
i think i answered you last time...the in-between-washes collection of dust and dirt is hidden pretty well with the CFM actually. the exception is when it rains because rain slings dirt on your car in a manner that leaves the car looking two-toned (half paint, half dirt).

as for washing...i have a pretty easy determination practice when deciding whether or not to wash the car: is it going to rain in the next 5 days? no...then wash it. has it been more than 10 days since you last washed it? yes...then wash it...unless of course after 10 days it will rain within the next 5 days. then, don't wash it.

around texas as long as it isn't summer it will rain every 2 weeks, so you can keep your car looking pretty clean when weather is permitting by only washing it somewhere in the neighborhood of every 1.8 weeks. during the summer we usually have a drought so the plan will be once every 10 days as previously mentioned, which again, is about once every 1.8 weeks on average.

contrary to popular belief, washing is actually BAD for your paint because anytime you touch your paint you are probably marring or swirling the paint in some minor way. after you've done minor marring/swirling for a long enough period of time, you will start seeing more prevalent marring/swirling. so, the longer you can go in between washes, the better for your paint. that is why my regime is what it is...if your car can't go more than 4 days without staying clean, don't wash it
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