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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Why's that? In the respected rear-mount systems (like STS)...the idea of increased lag time is a falsehood.

Not if the 100ft hose is half the diameter of the 50ft hose...
Except that a conventionally mounted turbo could easily be within 1 foot of the head and a rear mount would be 10-12 feet away. And the exhaust is going to transfer heat to the pipes as it travels to the rear mounted turbo(s) leaving it with less energy to spin the turbo with when it gets there.

But my biggest issue with the STS system is in the pics Iíve seen it looks like the air filter is going to get soaked if you ever take it out on a wet day. That might not bother some people, but I live in Seattle and will drive mine in the rain.

The pics also show non-metallic pipes bringing the compressed air back to the engine. It sure seems like switching that that to stainless and adding a couple fins could cool the air a bitÖ
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