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Originally Posted by Grape Ape View Post
PS. There must be a reason why every factory turbo is snuggled up against the engine…
Good point.

Originally Posted by vladkgb View Post
theres no way a turbo or super charger "bolt-on" kit will be made and still run on pump gas. its impossible because the v6 has 11:1 compression due to the direct injection, this engine wont be able to take much boost at all before detonation will be a big problem. If the v6 gets any type of forced induction expect atleast a head change to lower the compression ratio, which = big monies.
That's not necessarily true. The LLT does everything it does with regular 87 octane fuel. Detonation has a reduced chance of happening because of the nature of Direct Injection. It's not hard to imagine that mild boost will work fine with 92+, just like any other engine.
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