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Originally Posted by carguy View Post
Should have had it stroked but started out with the LS6 supercharged package that was quite a bit cheaper...than one thing lead to another and I started talking to Kolby at Turn Key and he said he saw a couple second gen camaro's with the same package at SEMA and they were under hood so I bit the bullet and went to the 700hp package.

But as we sit here today I can't tell you how many times I have almost picked up the phone to see if it was too late to stroke it but that complicates too many things at this stage of the game. I would have to overdrive the blower on the back side to compensate for the increase ci's as well as a new crank, so yes looking back to do it again I would go with a 427 ci version of the ls3 but in reality, I don't think it's going to make much difference on the street and it's nuttin but a toy for the street so I think I am pretty much over the top for now anyway. My2010's keep me grinning all day and this package should be even more fun...can't wait.

Got a friend that put a Ford Coyote Motor in a really clean but old70's maverick.
That's what started this Krap. It is an absolute ball!

Now it's my

And as I am writing this he is scouring the net for a Pinto...

He is all into the power to weight ratio thing....

Where it ends who knows....if I loose one in my 2010's I will definitely stroke it.

You kinda stabbed me in the heart with the question cause it has been bothering me everyday that I didn't. Just hadnt told anybody
Sorry, bro'. But, seemed to me it just made more sense especially considering the cost associated, and the block for a 376, 418 or 427 is all the same.

But, yes at 700rwhp. that will be plenty for the street.

I'm in the same boat as you waiting for engine to get done so I can drive, unfortunately for me winter is here, and won't be able to drive until spring, so kind of takes away the enjoyment. My engine build has been going on since mid June.

Any eta for when you will get the new monster engine?
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