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The issue of compression is not traditional and should not be viewed as such. No fuel/air is compressed in a DI engine. This is the reason they went with the high C/R. Because they could get away with it, because it makes a higher specific output powerplant. Having the high C/R in a boosted setup really would only be a question of fuel pressure, since the new TDC cyl pressure would now be 5-25 PSI + 1 bar X 11.1 instead of < or = 1 bar X 11.1, and you'd have to be sure that the 1200 psi (I think) max fuel pressure would be enough to atomize into such a high-pressure volume of air. It's been said a thousand times before. They didn't "tune" the engine for 87 octane. You can run any octane you like in it. They use 87 because it's a great selling point for customers and it illustrates the brilliance of the idea. You can't detonate dry air. Again, the biggest hurdles to FI on the LLT will be sufficient fuel pressure and perhaps head gasket integrity, not C/R.
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