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Originally Posted by exflirt View Post

Omg, are you kidding me? How many people have you seen with a stock Camaro? If you mod your Camaro does that mean it's not a Camaro? Because I put some minor appearance mods on my 35th does that mean it wasn't a 35th? Because someone orders their 45th without the stripes does that mean it's not a 45th? What about adding gfx and a different spoiler - does THAT mean you no longer have a 45th?

What a moron.
Originally Posted by urr2slo View Post
Its interesting on your narrow minded view......
A 45th will always be a 45th, that can not change. Now as individual owners purchase them, some will want to keep them stock and original and some will want to modify and personalize their 45th's.
Exflirt's 45th is her version of what the 45th should have looked like as well as a tribute to her 35th she had.
Her car was the only 45th at SEMA this year and all the Chevy brass came over to see it. All of them loved it, and a few mentioned they liked her version of the reversed colors better than the stock version, it made the car stand out more. When you have all the Chevrolet brass admiring the car and saying that, how can you argue with them.
Exflirts 45th is much closer to what the 45th should have been from Chevy.
Not knocking the stock 45th, but its very conservative. It should have been bolder, it should have more pop to it, it should have had a more look at me look to it, Exflirt succeeded with her version.
It is still a 45th, a unique and extremely good looking version, one that commands the attention a 45th should.
you have a bunch of stickers on it, you removed and replaced the 45th rims, and you have inverted the color of the stock stripes and added a bit more to them. do you think it looks like a 45th anymore? i really don't see how you can say it does. if i saw it on the road i would not know it was a 45th, and that was my point. there is no reason to be so defensive. i never said anything derogatory about your car.
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