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Tom Henry Racing Announces a Special Edition 2010 Camaro!

In late March, Tom Henry Racing announced plans to market its own special-edition 2010 Camaro. The "Tom Henry Racing Camaro" will build on the reputation established by Tom Henry Racing (THR) when it built and sold the unique "Tom Henry SS" Camaro during 2001 and 2002.

image by Jinx
A V8 Tom Henry Racing Camaro with the front splitter and the fender hash marks. If hash marks aren't your thing, also available are racing strips or a hockey stick graphics package. Image: Tom Henry Racing.
This customized, performance-enhanced version of the new, 2010 version of Chevrolet's famed sports coupe will be sold exclusively by Tom Henry Racing, the high-performance subsidiary of Bakerstown, Pennsylvania dealer, Tom Henry Chevrolet.

"At Tom Henry Racing, we've always been partial to Camaro," Henry says. "Our special Camaros have always been more narrowly-focused products for hard core enthusiasts. The focus is on the look and feel of a road racing car. Our appearance upgrades and performance modifications are intended to give our customers that road race ambience."

During an announcement at his dealership 15 miles north of Pittsburgh, Henry laid out tentative plans for the next version of his company's specialized interpretation of the Camaro--a car for that iconic Chevrolet's most serious fans. One point which Henry drove home is that, unlike his company's last Camaro customizing effort, the new Tom Henry Racing Camaro program allows buyers more leeway in "cherry-picking" various appearance and performance enhancements to make just the "THRC" they want.

The Chevy hot rodders at THR will start with either the V6 Camaro LT or the V8-powered SS. You can have a Tom Henry Racing Camaro in any stock color along or a special extra cost, THR Jetstream Blue. On V8's, the stock grille will be replaced by a tricked-out "SS Grille" specially designed by Tom Henry Racing. A front splitter is an option and gives the car a very aggressive look from the front. Three more, optional, visual enhancements are planned, twin "racing" stripes, inspired by the popular look of the first generation Camaros, the Hockey-Stick stripe package popular on the '69s, or right front fender "hash marks" which carry on the visual tradition of the 1996 Grand Sport and the 2007 Ron Fellows edition Corvette Z06es.

Giving the rear of the car a hard-core, performance accent, the space between the tail lights on the Tom Henry Camaros will get a matte-black-coated "tail panel" and a body-color "duck tail" type spoiler, like the one used in the "Jr. Camaro" concept shown at the 2008 SEMA Show, will be another choice. All the cars will get a "Tom Henry Racing" windshield header and special Tom Henry Racing Camaro nameplates on the front fenders.

Stock Camaro springs will be replaced by higher-rate, aftermarket springs which will both firm-up the car's handling and improve its appearance by lowering it half to three-quarters of an inch. Unique aftermarket wheels will replace the stock pieces. The combination of the lower ride height and different wheels better fill the wheel wells and gives the THRC that hard-core, racer look the stock Camaro lacks, but which is demanded by serious enthusiasts interested in uncompromising road cars.

Tom Henry Racing Camaros will have some specially-selected modifications to the powertrain. Both the V6 and V8 versions will be equipped with an aftermarket, low-restriction exhaust system, a low-restriction, cold-air intake system and custom ECM programming. In addition, the V8 THRCs can be fitted with a set of long-tube headers and the exhaust system will incorporate an X-pipe. The LS3 engine will get a set of 1.85:1 rocker arms. Taken as a package, these changes should increase a THRC V8's power from the stock 422-hp to 440-hp. If a Tom Henry Racing customer selects an optional supercharger, available early in 2010, horsepower goes to over 500.

image by Jinx
This THRC has a rear deck spoiler. A larger, body-color, duck tail spoiler is also available. Image: Tom Henry Racing.
The first of the Tom Henry Racing Camaros will be ready by late June 2009.

For more information, contact Tom Henry through the email form at
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