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Originally Posted by HTWLSS View Post
Oh, sure......I find out about this AFTER ours was built! Dangit!
Hey, vin 295 sure as heck isn't bad! Maybe you can drop ship it to him and have some stuff put on?
Originally Posted by Silver Streak View Post
Wow, nice! Thanks for post. Love them wheels!

Oh yeah...diggin' the wheels too....but I'm hoping for something a liiiiiiittle different.
Originally Posted by LosXC451 View Post
will it be possible to have all the parts be put on your car after you get it? OR buying them individually?
Good question. I don't know. Shoot him an email, see what he says, and let us know.
Originally Posted by RPO_Z28 View Post
What's with the stripes on the fender?
That's a little signature deal of his.
Originally Posted by MerlinZero View Post
.... Tag you're cruel...

Yes. Yes, I AM! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

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