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This topic has been covered alot on many other forums.

Here are my thoughts.

IMO, regardless of how well the Camaro sells, the T/A/Firebird would be too close in similarities to the Camaro, and seeing how GM is making inroads to a successful recovery, building a car so similar to one that already exists wouldn't make a lot of sense. Their Pontiac division will, supposedly, have an all-new GTO in the not too distant future.

In the past, it seemed all of GM's divisions had alot of similar vehicles, ie; Camaro/Firebird, Chevelle/GTO, etc., and the idea I think I'm hearing from GM is for each division to offer a specific model for specific purpose, and this would mean, to me, Chevrolet=Camaro, Pontiac=GTO.

Time will tell. I'm happy. My car is back!
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