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Originally Posted by Restroom View Post
So let's see, put a set of painted BBS REs (which aren't made anymore) on it, slap on an altered stripe vinyl, one of those hideous boy-racer windshield headers, do something (what?) to the suspension and exhaust (don't SSes come with X-pipes to begin with?), a license plate frame, an airbox and an ECM tune. How much, and why do I want his name on my car again?
If you don't like the wheels, you can do smething different. That's one of the cool things about his deal....but, I'm sure you read that, right?

Altered stripe signature of Tom's...and?

"hideous boy-racer windshield header"....ok, you don't like it. you are entitled to your own opinion.

something to the suspension?...yep. Has to do w/ springs...

exhaust? ... x-pipes? ...well, I believe the details included headers...which just about everyone wants...or would love to put on their cars....

license plate frame? sorry...didn't see that one in the details...

air box and tune? ... another option a lot of people would like....but probably not you. ...which is okay... I can respect that.

how much is a question which depends on your configuration.

Why you want his name on your car: Read his link and what he did w/ 4th Gens...and swapping in LS7's in place of LS1's...

Tom did a lot to make special edition 4th Gens. They are highly sought out by some enthusiasts. Some folks like to make "their own" special Camaro. Others like to have the dealer put everything together in a package for them. If you want to leave your car stock....or build it up to your liking by yourself....or get it from the factory to the dealer and have the dealer help you create something special, then that's the way to go.

Personally, I want to own a piece of piece of history that will retain it's value, is something different from factory, and will be looked at with wide eyes from not just the general public, but enthusiasts as well.

Everyone has their own opinions and I respect other folks choices. If something floats your boat, then cool. This is what I like...and many others like special editions as Baldwin Motion, Berger, Yenko, Dick Herrell, etc....and to my knowledge, not a whole lot of people do special editions any more. So, here it is. Tom is trying to build a special edition for those enthusiasts who want to own something from the factory/dealer that is "special."

I could reference some special edition Mustangs or Lingenfelter as well, but hopefully you understand what we mean when we talk about special edition Camaros now as well.

Take care!


Originally Posted by 2KZ28_For_Now View Post
500+ HP eventually? Cool.
Yep. Waiting on SLP and testing to further possible Stage II and Stage III THRSS's. Can't wait to see how those turn out!
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