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Originally Posted by battlekat View Post
looks great but wouldn't the speaker eventually rattle their internals apart? also, you should make a one piece frame so that you cover up the foam.
I was worried about the bass messing up the internals, So, thats why I made them two separate pieces

Originally Posted by FNG View Post
I'm thinking of something like that too... However you should consider some serious cooling back there. There doesn't look to be much clearance around the consoles either. Just the temp fluctuations of being in a trunk can cause the thermal paste to separate from the heatsink & processor.
I have a fan that puts out a lot of air back behind the 2 consoles

Originally Posted by Badbubba View Post
No disc scratching for the 360? If my 360 is bumped, I get concentric scratches on the disc and it is ruined. I know there are/were a few different optical drive manufacturers, maybe this could be the difference.
No scratching in a 3 hr drive with the xbox on. Thats why the foam is there.

Originally Posted by 25thanniversary View Post
looks good

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