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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
You have to hover the pointer right in the center of the picture...Jalopnik
I learned that the hard way during the first interior shots.

Anyways.....AHHH!!!! I'm absolutely LOVING the way the interior is coming along.

Things Dragoneye notices:
Radio is coming along..Like screen-plastic (very nice.)
REALLY lovin' the center console. looks like a flip-open storage.
Gauges (all of them) = real cool.
Parking brake...meh, not bad - but I can certainly live with it.

Thanks for posting these up!

EDIT...maybe it's a V6??? And the gauge doesn't end on a peak number? Or perhaps it's not flywheel torque, but rear wheel torque??? That would definitely be in the realm of the L76.
I agree, I think there are still peices missing in these pictures as well, I think there is going to be a few metel insert dash parts, the center console is still not complete, it looks also like it's not all put together.

I think I am bummed about the radio look, It may limit the choices on e might have if they want an aftermarket solution, like Navigation ! (I get lost and hate to ask for directions) lets hope GM offers a NAV option.

Originally Posted by BumbleBee View Post

I must say, I think the gauge cluster looks a bit odd... but I guess I'll have to wait for better pics. I like what they did to everything else though. the head unit looks awesome.

I think it in keeping with the Retro look, simular to the mustangs, although I think the qauges are a bit deep like the mustangs, it's a feature I did not like.
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