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Originally Posted by 2K05GT View Post
I have an observation,
you know the icon that has an arrow that shows you which side the fuel door is on. look at the Camaro Pic. the arrow is pointing to the right, on the concept it was on the left? and we have not seen the right side of an un Camo car yet, just an observation thats all.
ok i noticed something after studying the photos closer, and i know its slightly but i thought it was relavent to what he mentioned. when i looked close, it seemed like just peeking out out the rear cover, was an indention... either inm going crazy waiting for this thing to come out or this might be a gas cap type area? look right were it was on the concept idk im just saying wat i saw. like i said i might be crazy. i would have put a picture up pointing out were im talking bout, but my computer sucks . sry
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