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First off, I don't know if they would have the max torque displayed on the gauge. The tach shows higher RPMs than the engine is capable of making, so why not do the same with the torque gauge? But why 370? Seems 350 or 400 would be more logical, since those numbers are more common. Maybe this IS the lowest level V8, which would imply 350-400 HP. Still more than the Mustang GT and comparable Dodge performance models.

Second, I am not entirely convinced that the tach and speedo in this car are final. Notice the faux chrome bezels around both gauges? Well, there's no chrome anywhere else on the instrument cluster, only satin silver. The chrome looks a little...odd. Also, those two gauges are small. They look smaller than they should be. I'm betting they are "filler" gauges, probably from AutoZone or whatever, and they are only being used because the real production gauges aren't done yet. If that's the case, then it's possible we will get multi-colored backlighting like the Mustangs, since nothing else would make the gauges take longer to develop than the other parts of the interior. Still, this is only speculation (and a little bit of wishful thinking).

I am REALLY liking everything else in this car. The steering wheel is a little too retro for my tastes, but I'm not complaining. It compliments the whole package. The cup holders are deep, the shifter is short (throw hopefully!), and the parking brake looks badass (never been a fan of wrinkly leather).

I think we're all going to be very happy with the final version. I just wanna know what (if anything) is going between the speedo and tach! I hope it's something like the Vette's HUD.
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