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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
It will be a retail street car, not a bare knuckle track racer. That said, you have to add back in quite a few bells & whistles for a price approaching $48,325.
$46,995 would include "enhanced FE4". Delete that, add MRC, and $48,500 would be achievable...

Actually, if you approach the original "content", above, from the other direction, what we'd have is:

* 1SS
* 1LS Trim - no 6-way Power Seats (weight-savings)
* 1LE Mechanicals - as per SEMA concept, with LS3/MG9 and 3.73 gears

1SS/1LE > BOSS = $41,500

Z/28 - as above except:
* MRC - Optional (function vs. weight-savings/sanctioning)
* Delete LS3 - add LS7

Final result: Z/28 > BOSS LS

Recaros, along with the trans/diff. coolers, would make a great Track Prep option, perhaps along with Rear Seat Delete (the "problem" with RSD is you now move into Corvette territory, you increase Insurance Rating...and you'll save less than 30 lb...more likely to be a DIY).
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