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Pete said Pedder's could probably tinker with the MRC, offer a bit stouter and shorter spring. Looks like MRC is gonna be standard moving forward, but a FE4 with Pedder's enhancements will be the way to go IMHO. LSA VS LS7 is a relatively small < a couple K if I remember correctly> difference in price. LS7 is a high rev engine, look at the HP and torque charts and see where the LS7 is still there at 7 grand, and probably pulls beyond that. Given that it is a blueprinted motor with near bullet proof hardened bottom end and reciprocals, <there was a post where upper end wall thickness was an internal problem I think?>, however, 7 grand is not the top end of the RPM envelope IMHO, and that platform has the goods to hit production lines as is. The cuiser weight Champion.!!
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