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LS7 "viability" has been beaten to death, here, over the last 6 "Wixom" in the Z/28 Section...which, BTW, has AT LEAST a 2-year lifespan, according to "sources".

Pricing Rationale:

$54,095 (ZL1 Base) - $46,995 (projected) = $7,100, or $5,500 with (MRC - enhanced FE4)...

ZL1 is equipped with features well beyond a 2SS...which is $3,600 more than a 1SS.

1SS is roughly = 1LT in car content (excluding driveline)...which is $2,000 more than 1LS.

That's $5,600 in non-mechanical content...NOT including ZL1-specifics.

LS7 crate engine - LS3 crate engine (as per GMPP) = $7,000, about $250 less than LSA...and 100+ pounds less, all by itself...

In the past, when Selective Ride (MRC) was available on Corvette as a free-flow option, the option price was about $2,000. Also made by Delphi.

IF non-MRC (- $2,000), add for enhanced FE4 (bars 'n bushings)...on a substitution basis, call it $500...NET of $1,500.

The HD Tremec (MG9) and HD 3.73 Diff/Axles and 6/4 Brembos and forged '20s/Goodyears are a constant, be it ZL1, Z/28, or 1LE.
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