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Originally Posted by bmorecam View Post
I love the interior work.. love that black red combo!
thank you, i will be offering them the 1st of the year

Originally Posted by LIM3 View Post
any way of finding out ?
i would call Eric at MPD1, but most aftermarket hoods are composite or fiberglass, they are not reinforced with metal :(, the revolution hood has metal plate under the material for the reverse hood kit


Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post
Now you're talkin'!!!

Love that hood and having installed that same grill before, I know what it takes to get it done right!

Looks killer Lupe!
thanks Ivan, yes is does take some work to get it the way "we" like it


Originally Posted by Maro99 View Post
Wow, the hood and grill really put it over the top.. Great choice!
thank you

Originally Posted by S3XPanther View Post
that's one blazed camaro.
thanks, it makes me happy

Originally Posted by William.23 View Post
Too sexy man...Too...freaking...SEXY!
Love it..Wish i had the $$ to do this to mine.
Congrats though.
, thank you

just a heads up, i will be offering the interior pieces the 1st of the year
i have the hood kits it stock here

thank you

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