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I also want to say a word to those who don't like the interior: I'm sorry you feel that way. The fact is, that not everybody will be pleased with it. The Camar team knew this going in. You could, perhaps, be those people: And it's NOTHING AT ALL to your discredit.

All I would like to ask, is that come ' take a trip to a Chevy dealer, and just give the finished product a chance. You may change you minds...who knows?
Most DEFF! No matter what I see from here till it's sold my plan (in 2011, sadly) is to go to GM with money in hand ready to buy. Life happens, and things can change that but it's my plan to make the Camaro my last car till the wheels fall off. I'm also a fan of the RX8 but I just don't think Mazda will blow my sox off considering they have virtually ignored the RX8 since it was made. Also...I worry about the future of V8's so before they are killed off (while they have been saying that since the V8 was made virtually) I'd like one.

I know I tend to freak out at first with this stuff, but within a post or three I'm done with it and I come back to
A GM V8 in every home....
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