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Originally Posted by HumanWiki View Post
See.. I'm not much in to burn outs as a show of power... I'd much rather see a car just dump its full power output in to the driveline and have 0 tire noise at all and then watch the car be gone in a flash. That's much more impressive to me than a cloud of smoke.

I can watch a bone stock ranger fry the tires off on concrete.

That is... unless you're in a burnout competition and the whole point is the smoke show.
Dumping your full power with no tire noise isn't going to happen unless you ae slicks or drag radials at the track.
Originally Posted by Rogan View Post
How much for the Convertible? Is there is price listed for it yet?
It will be no less than $5,000 more than the coupe. So about $66,000 out the door.
Originally Posted by Etherij View Post
I still don't understand why most people say retarded things about the plastic. Sure it's "cheap." I guess.. It's way better then my '99 z71 was! You should've see the paint pealing off the dash! In these years to come I highly doubt my car will ever get that bad.
Have you ever sat in an other $60k cars? The Camaro interior looks like an econo box car compared to most others.
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