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The more I look at the pic the more I dislike the square tach and speedo pods. I still go back to thinking these were pics of early mules built atleast several months ago before camo was taken off and there have likly been some changes. I hope that I am convinced when I see the actual car. I can't understand someone thinking that the interior doesn't matter because most people you drive by won't see it??? I see the interior of my car 100x more than I see the exterior and in the end I am the only one I need to please. I think they will get it right but I hope they round out the speedo/tach pods. If the interior is "good enough" I will probably still get it. If not probably a 2 year old Vette or a Porche Cayman, really it will still likly be a Camaro. As stated above it may be my last chance a a rear drive V8 as we will see them die out as oil goes up which I belive it will. The car after this one may not even burn gas, so this one will have to last a long time.
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