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Cubanaso, I agree, the RX8 has a nice example of an interior. I'd like the Camaro's to be that nice with its own styling. I think we stand a good chance of seeing that.
Yup, that is my hope!

I hope we get a 0-60 and g-force readout. That would be fun to play with on freeway onramps and cloverleafs....uhhh....jk Tag!
I don't think I wont some...because I might like them too much and get into trouble, lol.

It looks like the center council is nicely padded and stitched maybe. I like that.
You know, I forgot to mention that. You are right on the money, it looks very high quality and it's not even done yet.

I can't understand someone thinking that the interior doesn't matter because most people you drive by won't see it??? I see the interior of my car 100x more than I see the exterior and in the end I am the only one I need to please. I think they will get it right but I hope they round out the speedo/tach pods. If the interior is "good enough" I will probably still get it. If not probably a 2 year old Vette or a Porche Cayman, really it will still likly be a Camaro. As stated above it may be my last chance a a rear drive V8 as we will see them die out as oil goes up which I belive it will. The car after this one may not even burn gas, so this one will have to last a long time.
Wow, we are here (makes signal with fingers to eyes) The interior is important and people shouldn't take (most don't) our dislike as meaning we never really like the car or are not true fans, it's a matter of where you will live in those 100K+ miles of life with the Camaro.

I've said it and I'll say it again...the Camaro is shaping up to be a great looking muscle car and I'd love to make it my last car (till the wheels fall off). GM did such a SUPER job with this beast that it's killing me that unlike most of you I'll have to wait longer than I want. Also, as a fan of GM in general I'm not going to sit by without telling them my concerns (aka the GM folks here) so that maybe they can tweak it enough for those folks who are not in love with the interior at this time.
A GM V8 in every home....
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